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PowerMist's wide appeal is based on superior peak horsepower numbers and expansive torque curves. Extensive testing in the lab, on the dyno and at the track demonstrate that PowerMist Fuels provide racers with some of the most powerful high performance, hi-tech racing fuels available for professional off road use. Whether you race sports cars, motorcycles, stock cars, drag racers, karts, ATV's, boats, Jet Ski's or snowmobiles, Power Mist is the proven choice! PowerMist Petroleum Motor Fuels are 100 percent petroleum derived hydrocarbons. Specifications and test methods available by request. PowerMist Racing Fuels are formulated to meet the fuel regulations of individual sanctioning bodies; however they must be compared to the fuel regulations of individual sanctioning bodies to determine their application. ALL FUELS ARE FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY. PowerMist Petroleum Motor Fuels provide:
- Uncompromised base stock and chemical intermediaries.
- Lower operating temperature properties
- Improved thermal stability and thermal charging properties.
- Formulations that are "Extreme" tested for performance.
- Measurable horsepower and torque gains.

Results: Maximized Horsepower, Speed, and Endurance!

PowerMist Racing LLC Fuels

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